Giving Tuesday & ROAM's Charitable Donations 🖤

Giving Tuesday & ROAM's Charitable Donations 🖤

With every ROAM The Brand purchase, 5-10% of our profits are donated to charitable causes. Not just on Giving Tuesday…but every day! 🌿

Giving back & nature conservation is hugely important to us & we want our ROAMs to leave a positive impact. We do this by:

- Donating 10% of profits from each sale of our special Churchill Candle. The Churchill scent was inspired by our late brother Paul, who we suddenly lost in 2020. 10% of profits from this candle are donated to Polar Bears International, who work to protect polar bear populations in Churchill and around the world. Our co-founder Alicia visited Churchill shortly after Paul passed away, so it’s a very meaningful destination to us.

- Donating 5% of profits from every other candle scent sale to Coral Gardeners, an amazing organisation who who help to restore damaged coral reefs through restoration & community awareness & bring life back to the ocean.

- Keeping sustainability at the forefront of our mind with every element of our business. For example:

- Our ceramic candles are easily washable & reusable & work perfectly with our candle refills, so you can extend your vessel’s lifespan.

- Our wax is biodegradable, vegan, natural & made of coconut & apricot.

- Our packaging is recycled & recyclable & we use a Kraft brown tape to eliminate plastic & ensure it can easily be recycled afterwards.

- Our packing peanuts are compostable made from vegetable starch and break down instantaneously in a compost or when placed in water.

- We ask our suppliers to package vessels & supplies with paper materials rather than plastic or styrofoam, and try to source locally or at least within Canada when we can. & we encourage you to reuse your boxes, packing peanuts & other ROAM materials so they’re not as single-use.

These are just some of the ways we try to reduce our impact, and we’re constantly trying to do better to give back to the environment & preserve our Earth.

& if you want to give back on this day, remember it doesn’t just have to be through a material purchase. You can donate money directly, donate unused or unwanted items from your home, donate your time to help others, among many other things 🫶🏼

Thank you for reading & for your support, always!

The ROAM team xx 

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